The Ingenious Business Tycoon – Kunwer Sachdeva

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Kunwer Sachdeva is a compelling speaker as when he speaks, it becomes difficult for the listeners do anything apart from listening. His fascinating story which includes hard work, struggle and interest motivates every aspiring business person. By seeing his successful position now it is quite hard to imagine that started his career at the age of 15 hawking pens and later he did the TV cable installation.

Kunwer Sachdev – Businessworld


Earlier, I used to read books on management, innovation and history, now I have started reading more on psychology and spirituality, says Sachdev…



Power shortage is a problem many of us have learned to live with. But Kunwer Sachdev, who manufactured cable TV equipment in the 1980s, was not willing to take it lying down. When the inverters he used also did not serve the purpose of providing power back up effectively, he took it apart and found there was much room for improvement…

Kunwer Sachdev – CAclubindia


Change is constant and with the change comes a new morning, new hopes and new way of living. We are talking about ek nayi soch, yes Su-Kam which is an excellent power solutions provider, with the growing presence across India and over 70 countries worldwide…

My Entrepreneurial Journey


My father was in the railways and he always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Just to realize his dream we shifted to a residential colony full of entrepreneurs…

The power economy – India Today


Not many would notice the cable guy who comes to fix the connection just when the cricket match is perched at its climax. Let alone believe that he could emerge as the game changer of the inverter industry, a pioneer who would set new benchmarks for the sector, an entrepreneur who would generate a Rs.430-crore..

An entrepreneur born to succeed


How do you take Rs 10,000 and convert it into a Rs 200 crore (Rs 2 billion) company that is all set to complete a major US acquisition in a year?
Well you need to be taken hostage by your client, be locked in a room for a few hours and also promise to give up your bike in exchange for a job half done – at least that is what Kunwer Sachdev…

Dark horse – Business Today


Who would look twice at the guy who came to fix the cable for your new TV? Leave alone think that he had a great career prospect? But this cable guy, who had just left a sales executive job, had stars in his eyes. Stars that would eventually light up millions, of homes during the inevitable power failures…