Kunwer Sachdev as Speaker

The founder of Su-Kam, Kunwer Sachdev, is also famous for being an exceptional  orator. He has been invited as a speaker at many eminent conferences and summits.

Scholarship distributed by Sh. Kunwer Sachdev

"Mr. Kunwer Sachdev was invited as “Motivational Speaker” to build Entrepreneurial skills among the scholars of SGT University. He himself distributed scholarship to the budding scholars from SGT University, Gurugram.

SGT University imparts education from Undergraduate to Ph.D. level in Health Sciences, Engineering, and Commerce, Management Sciences, Law, Hotel Management, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Media Management and Social sciences."

Kunwer Sachdev, Speaker at TiE Conclave 2017 The organization, TiE, is famous for organizing many events centered around Entrepreneurship. Kunwer has been a keynote speaker for many TiE events throughout India. Kunwer's simple and interesting way of talking wins him thunderous applause every time he is invited as a speaker at events. Please watch this video from one of the many occasions when Kunwer Sachdev was called as a speaker at TiE. In this video, he tells you how new entrepreneurs can create a roadmap for success.

Kunwer Sachdev Speaking at Entreprenuer

The leading magazine group, Franchise India, organized 'Entrepreneur' an event on the theme of entrepreneurship. Kunwer Sachdev was invited as a speaker. He shared experiences from  his journey of being an entrepreneur. His talk made a direct connection with the audience as it offered some practical tools and advice which any new entrepreneur would find helpful. Please watch this video to know why his talk was widely appreciated.

Kunwer Sachdev Speaking at a Group Discussion during Entreprising India Summit

When Kunwer Sachdev got an interesting opportunity to participate in a group discussion about 'Branding', he wowed the audience by sharing his innovative branding methods that he has been using for Su-Kam. The event, Enterprising India, was attended by many famous Indian entrepreneurs. Watch the video to hear one of the most creative and cost-effective advertising strategies that Kunwer invented.

Kunwer at Headlines Today CMO League

Popular media outlets, Headlines Today and Dainik Bhaskar, organized a special event where many respected Indian CEOs and Marketers, who are leading successful companies, were invited for a group discussion. The topic was how increasing demands from small towns and cities are forcing marketers to rethink their strategy. Kunwer while sharing space with experts from Zee TV, HTC India, Dainik Bhaskar and NIIT spoke about the importance of giving a local touch to marketing campaigns. Read the full story here

Kunwer Sachdev at a Conference by IOD

The prestigious international organization, Institute of Directors, invited Kunwer Sachdev as a speaker at Effective Corporate Governance and Sustainability Conference.

Kunwer at SME Conclave

Kunwer is one of the most sought-after speakers on the subject of entrepreneurship as his 'rags to riches' story has been an inspiration to many budding entrepreneurs. When he was offered to speak at SME Conclave, he made many valid points in the favor of spirit of entrepreneurship in India. Read this article  to know how he struck a chord with the audience.

Kunwer Sachdev at Rooftop Solar Conference

Kunwer has earned the title of 'Solar Man of India' for a very good reason - he has a vision for solar India where each and every household uses solar energy in some way. Su-Kam has already done more than 100MW of solar installations in India. Kunwer was invited at one of the biggest solar rooftops summit to talk about the solar industry in India. He talked about the scope and challenges that lie ahead. Read this article to know more.

Kunwer Sachdev at Startup Accelerator, IIT Delhi

Kunwer has always been a favorite speaker at startup seminars because Su-Kam is clearly one of the most successful startups in India. When Kunwer got an opportunity to address a group of young entreprenuers at India's famous educational institute, IIT Delhi, he spoke about his personal journey of becoming an entreprenuer in India. The talk received a standing ovation. Read this article to know the content of this interesting and useful talk.

Here are some pictures of Kunwer Sachdev as Speaker enlightning people through his talks