Meet the Sachdev’s

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 “A man is truly rich when he has a loving wife and children who run into his arms when his hands are empty.”

The Kunwer you've never met

Ask any Su-Kamian and they’ll all agree that Mr. Kunwer Sachdev is the most disciplined, hardworking and wise person they’ve known. These attributes have no doubt earned him a lot of respect from his peers and employees but it has also earned him the reputation of being a stern man. To put it simply, Mr. Sachdev is known to be a thorough businessman when he is on the job.

However, this Diwali Su-Kamians were in for a wonderful surprise when Mr.Sachdev came with his wife and two children to attend the Diwali puja which is held at the head office every year. Seeing their boss going all goo-goo ga-ga over his little bundle of joy was a sight to behold. Everyone definitely witnessed a different side of him, much to their delight!

 The Family Man

Mr. Sachdev is like any other father and husband. When he is in the comfort of his home and family he is the gentlest and most caring person. He is a super fun dad and entertains the children to no end with his silly antics. When not at work the family of four does what all happy families do, spend some quality time together.

Here’s a pic of Mr. Sachdev with Advait and Swastika will melt your heart.

“There are days when I reach home exhausted after having a tough day at work but the moment I see my children all my worries disappear. Their joy and excitement on seeing me is nothing short of an energy booster and I end up playing with them like a kid” said Mr. Sachdev.

Two drops of heaven

Advait and Swastika came into this world on the 23rd of April 2018. Within just 6 months of their existence they have filled the lives of the people around them with love and fond memories. That’s the power of babies!

These feelings have been beautifully put by Khushboo, “It is hard to believe that they came into our lives just 6 months ago as it feels like they have been with us all our lives. I don’t think I am wrong in saying that they are a part of us and we a part of them.”

Strength of the family

Last but not the least, Kunwer’s wife, Khushboo, has stood by him like a rock through thick and thin. She is his biggest inspiration and support, but mostly his best friend who understands him like no other. She is a beauty inside out, and anyone who has known her for even the shortest duration will vouch for the warmth and kindness she exudes. Behind every successful man is a woman, and to be behind the success of a man like Kunwer Sachdev she sure can be nothing less than remarkable.

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