Family is the Heart of our Home


Family is an initial building block of society, its individuals first school and one of the most important ones at that. Kunwer is no exception to this rule, he takes his entrepreneurial streak from his father Mr. Krishna Lal Sachedva, who worked in the Indian Railways but also kept trying his hand at establishing a business which were not always successful but he never gave up the spirit. Kunwer imbibed these values early on and he always talked of building a successful career in the Pen industry, the field in which he started working with his brother.

Kunwer has strong bonds with his friends and family, with his friendships going back to more than 40 years. His friends always saw him as someone different from the group as he always had big dreams and would never let his current circumstances obstruct his view.

As a family man , Kunwer is a dedicated father and a loving husband, who enjoys a plethora of activities with his family, the top ones are the outdoor activities, like treks, walks, running, swimming and exploring new adventures. Family is his pillar of strength and of course inspiration too.