The inverter and solar man of India

The Marketeer

Kunwer Sachdev

‘Mr.Sachdev recognized the importance of marketing and advertising quite early, as Su-Kam became the first inverter company to advertise in newspapers. Before Kunwer's entry into power solutions sector, no company had a proper manual/catalogue of products but Kunwer changed that as Su-Kam came up with creative marketing collaterals for all its products.

He is also known to be the founding father of first-of-its-kind marketing strategy which was later followed by many other brands– in late 90s he persuaded dhaba owners around Delhi to put their name on Su-Kam boards and advertise along with their product. Another famous tale goes that Kunwer was once visiting Dal lake in Kashmir where he saw many beautiful 'Sikara boats', and next day they were all covered in Su-Kam – innovative branding at its best.

It was His vision to educate the people on Power Backup Technology though digital Media – as a result Su-Kam Power Systems was the first ever Power Backup Company to create an official You tube Channel .This You Tube channel has the maximum number of Subscribers as compared to any power backup company in the world.

Kunwer Sachdev

Regarded By Everyone

The Inverter man and the Solar man of India who invented Technology in Power Backup Industry deserves all the respect and popularity from this Industry. Mr.Sachdev is very popular among the business partners of this Industry.

Apart from being a great Speaker and Motivator, he is immensely focused on new technologies and that’s what motivates people and that’s what people love about him. His is helpful, truthful and friendly with all the partners and thus deserves all the respect that he gets from his partners. People especially come just to listen to him during his business partner meeting.

They all consider his meeting to be very informative and helpful. The knowledge that they gain is useful for their business growth. Mr.Sachdev has conducted more than 1000 partner meeting all across the world


Kunwer is the Founder of One of the most well-known brand in Power Back-up Industry..

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The Innovator

Kunwer goes by the mantra – Innovation. He sees possibility in even the most mundane things in life..

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A Phenomenal Orator

Kunwer is an amazing speaker. People who has seen and heard him speaking will agree to this..

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