An inverter/UPS computer-based automatic software testing tool can be used with our AI-based Inverter/UPS range of products. This can only be used with Su-svastika-made Pure Sinewave UPS with ATC, Lithium-based battery Energy Storage Systems, Lift Inverter/ERD and Heave Duty UPS range. can measure a variety of parameters, such as:

Output voltage and current at the battery mode.
Input Voltage and Output Frequency: On the Mains mode and the battery mode.
THD (total harmonic distortion): At the battery mode.
Overload message, Short circuit message at the battery mode.
MCB down in case of Overload and short circuit at Mains Mode.
Battery percentage mode at the charging mode
The load percentage and battery voltage at battery mode.
Charging time
Load Wattage
Runtime on battery
Ambient time
Digital Warranty
Model details
System Status
battery type
Low battery voltage settings
Low battery message
Buzzer On/Off
Software testing tool for inverter/UPS


The testing tool can be used to identify any problems with the inverter or UPS, such as:

Low output voltage
High current draw
Low efficiency
High THD
Low battery voltage
Slow charging
Short runtime on battery

The testing tool can also be used to verify the performance of the inverter or UPS, such as:

Making sure it can output the required voltage and current
Checking its efficiency
Ensuring it has low THD
Overloading it to test its capacity
Checking the battery voltage and capacity
Measuring the charging time
Testing the runtime on battery

There are two main types of inverter/UPS testing tools:

Manual testing tools: These tools are relatively simple and can be used to measure basic parameters. However, they can be time-consuming to use and may not be able to measure all of the important parameters for inverters and UPSs.
Automatic testing software-based tools: These tools are more complex but can measure a wider range of parameters more quickly. Manufacturers often use them to test their products before they are released.

If you are looking to buy an inverter/UPS testing tool, it is important to consider the following factors:

The features that you need: Make sure the tool can measure the parameters that are important to you.
The price: Automatic Inverter/UPS testing tools are unavailable, so the price is difficult to anticipate.
The ease of use: If you are uncomfortable using complex tools, you may choose a manual testing tool.
The warranty: This software-based tool has a two-year warranty, and updates are free.
Inverter/UPS Computer-based Testing Tool is innovative for the Inverter/UPS industry.

Written by Kunwer Sachdev