Started with Cable TV

My Journey started with the Su-kam in 1988 with Cable TV Systems, my first firm in Su-kam. Many will be surprised to learn that I began with Cable TV systems, not Inverters. The Su-Kam Legacy: A Brand that Will Stand the Test of Time is a story I wrote for the audience who wants to know the history of the brand Su-kam.

Su-Kam started as a project company where I did small projects, i.e., MATV and CATV projects for hotels and multistoried societies. Here, I used to install common antennas and VCRs for the whole building. The standard Antenna and VCR signal was distributed through this CATV system to all the rooms and flats for the TV sets in the same building.

I vaguely remember that one person from Bombay started giving licenses to people to show Hindi films to the houses through the cable by installing the same system I was installing for the multistoried buildings. This concept created a revolution because VCRs were costly, and few could afford them. On top of it, one had to rent the cassette for the VCR, which was another recurring expense, and at those times, very few films were available for viewing. In this system, one can install one VCR in one place and distribute the signal through the cable, and everyone can watch the same film on their television for a smaller amount of money paid monthly. This created a new industry which did not exist before. The birth of a Cable TV guy who installed the cable TV system and distributed the signal through cable to homes and made their money and bought equipment from people like us, and we used to establish the equipment for them as well. And this was an excellent opportunity for me to expand my existing business at that time,

From there, I shifted my business to cable TV, manufacturing parts like Amplifiers, Modulators, Directional couplers, etc. This was my first small-scale manufacturing experience, and I started with a small team to manufacture these parts for cable TV guys, establishing their cable TV systems for their areas. I was supplying the equipment as well as installing those systems for them.