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With great power comes great responsibility.”

With great power comes great responsibility.” Protagonist CoC must have an extensive code of conduct. By Kunwer Sachdev, Founder Su-Kam Power Systems IBC will be nine on May 28 — a red letter day in the history of the country’s debt recovery mechanism. IBC has been a landmark legislation. Earlier, insolvency and bankruptcy legislations were […]

Why Lithium battery is the future of Inverter/UPS Industry

TECHNOLOGY BLOGS   Lithium and lead acid batteries, especially tubular batteries, are no match as lead acid batteries are old technology and pollution creators and have a lot of challenges to use in the inverter/UPS industry. Especially when the price is compared between the Lithium battery and the Tubular Lead Acid battery, one will be […]

lift Inverter or Online UPS for lift backup

Lift Inverter Converts AC power from the mains to DC power and then back to AC power, but only when the mains power fails—also, converter AC to DC power for charging the battery when mains power is present. This means there is no switching delay when the mains power fails, but the lift will continue […]