A lift inverter, also known as an elevator inverter or elevator UPS, is a device that provides backup power to an elevator in the event of a power outage. It does this by converting DC power from batteries into AC power, which can then be used to run the elevator motor.

Lift inverters typically have three main components: a charger, an inverter, and batteries. The charger converts AC power from the mains into DC power, then stored in the batteries. The inverter converts DC power from the batteries back into AC power, which can then be used to run the elevator motor.https://suvastika.com/what-is-emergency-rescue-device/

When there is a power outage, the charger stops converting AC power into DC power. The inverter then switches to battery mode and converts DC power from the batteries into AC power. This AC power is then used to run the elevator motor.


Lift inverters can provide backup power for a while, typically several hours. The amount of backup time available will depend on the size of the batteries and the load on the elevator.

Lift inverters offer many advantages over other backup power for elevators, such as diesel generators. They are more compact and quieter than diesel generators and do not produce emissions. Lift inverters are also more reliable than diesel generators and require less maintenance.

As a result of these advantages, lift inverters are becoming increasingly popular as a backup power solution for elevators. They offer a safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly way to keep elevators running during a power outage.

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Here are some of the benefits of using a lift inverter:

Provides backup power in the event of a power outage

Compact and quiet

No emissions

Reliable and requires less maintenance

The only challenge is that lift Inverter works when a power outage happens. It stops the lift, and then it starts, and there is a jerk happening, and the lift stops, which is very scary.


So now the Lift UPS or Emergency Rescue device has come, which is a more advanced technology which keeps the lift running without any interruption as it has the static switch keeps the lift working without any interruption.https://suvastika.com/how-does-an-emergency-rescue-device-erd-in-lifts-save-passengers-from-mishaps/

The lift inverter and Lift UPS costs, or Emergency Rescue device costs, hardly differ.

Another technology change is a Lithium battery with Lift Inverter, Lift UPS, or ERD for lift backups. The lithium battery-based Lift Inverter or Lithium battery-based Lift UPS or Lithium battery-based Emergency Rescue Device are sleek-looking products and come in a single box, and space is also saved.

The ERD having a Lithium battery is the safest lift backup solution which comes with the GSM-based monitoring system so that one can monitor the lift parameters as well.