E-rickshaw has become an effective mode of transportation in a country like India. Be it a Bus stand, Railway station, Hospital or Market place, e- rickshaw is easily accessible and affordable for regular commutes.

Not only economically, but it is also a green ride far-far better than conventional modes of transportation. It has also become a good source of earning for some people in society.

According to e-rickshaw owners, battery-related problems, maintenance & replacement makes it a bit expensive. Otherwise, it’s an ideal source of earning for them.

Battery Management System

Major Challenges of E-rickshaw owners

Not only battery replacement cost but how e-rickshaw is being driven, how a battery is charged and how is the quality of the battery are also challenges that e-rickshaw owners are facing.

Let’s understand it with an example….in a normal day, an e-rickshaw driver wants to ride it for at least 10 hours so that he can earn Rs. 400 to 500 after paying the rent. But practically, he does not run it for complete 10 hours; there will be some waiting time when he waits for passengers. People don’t know, but a waiting e-rickshaw harms the battery. These waiting and uneven stoppages create different size lead acid in battery plates, which means that in 10 hours, there will be 10 different size lead sulfate crystal in his battery, and to charge these, he needs 10 different charge factors….

Normally we give one input during charging which overcharges the bottom and under charge the top lead sulfate of the charge factor. In short, such driving patterns create overcharge and undercharge problems in the lead sulfate of the battery, and going forward; it results in poor battery performance and faults in the battery.

The reality is that a huge share of his earnings goes into battery maintenance and replacement.

What is the solution?

Battery Management System (BMS) is a unique product that equalizes two or more batteries in a battery bank connected in series, thereby eradicating imbalance in the form of unequal voltage.

 battery bank

The way wheel balancing enhances the life of car tires, the battery management system enhances the battery life by preventing under-charge and overcharge of the batteries. Battery equalizer helps you save money by delaying the replacement of the batteries, as you get optimum life from the batteries.

Benefit of Battery Management System (BMS)

-Enhances Battery Life up-to 50%

-Saves on Electricity

-Saves Money

-Works with multiple batteries (2 or more)

-Saves from over & under charging

-Increases battery life

-Reduces battery replacement chance.

Features of Battery Management System (BMS)

  • Built on Microcontroller based AET technology (Active Equalization Technique)
  • Reduces the frequency of battery water topping, which saves maintenance cost.
  • LCD display Multimeter for easy viewing of equalized voltage of batteries.
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for new & old systems.


As mentioned, it is a helpful device for equalizing multiple batteries.

equalizing multiple batteries
  • A vehicle with 2 or more batteries like truck, bus, e-rickshaw
  • Petrol pump
  • ATM
  • IT Centres
  • Office backup etc.