My primary interest area is Technology, especially In Lithium batteries, Solar Power On Grid and Off-Grid, Energy Storage Systems, and Sharing personal experiences and insights. Electric Vehicles, technology etc., can help people read my learnings. I have learnt to put my thoughts in writing and have been writing on various topics, whether Technology, HR, Management, Psychology etc. and learning to put my thoughts in a much better way. I have been writing for Newspapers and magazines my thoughts already.

The more I write, the better writer I become, and I will keep writing on these subjects as I have learnt a lot during my entire life and still learning, so why not pen down my thoughts that might help someone improve or relate to my experiences?


Blogging and writing articles have become my passion now. I have run Su-kam for more than 30 years and got a lot of insights to share as Su-kam became a big brand over time, so I tried to think what were the right things I did to make it a big brand and what were the not-so-right stuff as well.

My experience of hiring, mentoring and training employees and my travelling and meeting so many people in my life and learning from them and the areas I have visited having different cultures etc., has given me a lot of experience, and it’s the right time for me to share my thoughts with the netizens.