Lift Inverter as a power backup for lift and Escalators


People traveling in lifts face a major challenge which is power failure and stopping of the lift with a small or big jerk and person traveling will be in dark for 1 minute without knowing whether the door will open or not and there are few people who develop the psychological disorder called Elevatophobia Which is called phobia for lifts and this is a psychological condition which forbid a person to travel in a lift and these people avoid traveling in a lift. A lift Inverter as a power backup for lifts and Escalators Is a device which gives instant power to lifts and Escalators in case of a power failure without any break or jerk. Lift inverters are uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designed to provide backup power for lifts and escalators. They convert DC power from batteries into AC power that can be used to operate the lift motor or escalator and other electrical components of the lifts and escalators when the main power goes off. The lift Inverter charges the battery by converting AC to DC when the Mains Power is available.Lift inverters are essential for ensuring that lifts and Escalators remain operational during a power outage.

The new Lift Inverters are called Lift UPS or Emergency Rescue Device as they have the other controls where the switching time of the lift and remote monitoring and Electronic Control Unit in the lift car can be installed for the passenger’s convenience. These new kind of Lift Inverters or ERD can be installed with the latest Lithium technology rather than Lead Acid battery backup.


Here are some of the benefits of using lift inverters or ERD as a backup for lifts and Escalators:

  • Ensured safety: Lift inverters ensure that lifts remain operational during a power outage. This prevents people from becoming trapped in lifts, which can be dangerous and people traveling on Lifts and Escalators don’t even come to know that there is a power failure as continuous power is supplied by the battery in case of power failure.
  • Reduced downtime: Lift inverters allow lifts to continue operating during a power outage, which helps to reduce downtime. This is important for businesses, hospitals, and other facilities that rely on lifts for essential services as the Automatic Rescue Device which is the prevalent technology in lifts always stops the lift and bring the user to the nearest floor to rescue and than takes 5 minutes to reset after the power is restored which is a big wastage of time and for user this is a nightmare.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: By installing these Lift Inverters and ERD the maintenance of lifts or Escalators reduced to 20% as the lifts or Escalators generally down for the maintenance because of power failures as the Electronics of the lifts is sensitive to the power breaks.
  • Environmentally friendly: Lift inverters do not produce emissions, unlike diesel generators. This makes them a more environmentally friendly option for providing lift and Escalators backup power and can provide power up to 3 days or as per the battery bank sizing.
  • Compact size: Lift inverters are compact so that they can be installed in various locations. This makes them ideal for use in buildings with limited space and Lithium battery makes them more compact and light weight to be kept in a small corner of the lift room or any where ever small space is available and do not create any vibration which is the major challenge with the generators.
  • Solar Compatible: The lift Inverters or ERD are having the compatibility to run on solar power as well so that where ever there is no power the lifts or Escalators can run on Solar Power or to reduce the power bill for running the lifts in a building.
  • IOT based monitoring : Now a days lift Inverters or ERD comes with the WiFi and GSM based monitoring system having mobile apps and can be monitored and controlled from any corner of the world.

Lift inverters are available in various sizes and capacities to suit the needs of different lifts. They can provide backup power for passenger, freight, and wheelchair lifts. Lift inverters are typically installed in the lift machine room or a separate enclosure near the lift shaft.

When selecting a lift inverter, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • The size and capacity of the lift motor.
  • The number of lifts that need to be backed up.
  • The desired backup time.
  • The available space for installation.
  • The budget.

It is also important to select a lift inverter that is made by the company which has the experience and expertise to make lit backup units as this is not an ordinary small UPS and has 3 Phase power Input and 3 Phase Power Output. The  Lift Inverter as a power backup for lifts and Escalators is a reliable technology that has been used for more than a decade now.

Lift inverters are a reliable and cost-effective way to provide lift backup power. They are an essential safety feature for any building that has lifts. In India few States have made it compulsory to install in the lifts in High rise buildings as a safety measure.